Gas and Apples

3 dead dogs a cat and a coyote later i've landed in California. Driving through 3 different time zones and only sleeping 10hrs in 3 days has taken its toll on me. From Ocean City I drove roughly 11hrs before I slept in the back of my truck in Georgia for 2hrs then drove to a Walmart 4hrs away and slept for another 4hrs until getting to Texas where I had slept at 2 different rest stops in the desert. Passing through western Texas was wild, it had gotten super windy to point of where my truck wouldn't go over 55mph on interstate 10 where the speed limit is 80mph, which was really frustrating, but with tumbleweed and sandstorms a blowing I pressed on. Stopping at a Loves gas station in El Paso my truck needs a fuel up after being thrown around in the wind like a toy truck, Loves are my favorite because of the nice bathrooms.  As I left and pulled up to the light a well worn man with a crutch was sitting in the median with a sign that said HUNGRY VETERAN, keep in mind this guy was sitting in about 30-40mph winds with sand blowing everywhere, anyways I rolled down the window and called him over and gave him my bag of apples I had bought the night before, "I love apples they're my favorite god bless you" he says, "you have a good day" I say back before the light turns green and I resume my journey. As I get out Texas and into New Mexico the winds die off a bit and the drive becomes a bit more relaxed, into Arizona I stop at my favorite gas station Loves again for some more fuel. Cleaning off my windows a hispanic mother and her 3 very young children walk up to me with a small gas tank and say "excuse me sir, do you think you can spare us some gas so we can get home?" I reply "I can give you 20 dollars is that ok?" they reply "we would greatly appreciate that, gracias", "de nada" and I'm on way. Arizona is beautiful but I couldn't wait to get to California, once I arrived in San Diego I was greeted by Eddie a family friend who had a beer and burrito waiting for, the best beer i've ever tasted after driving for 17hrs. Thanks to Eddie and his awesome family for making me feel at home. Nina flies out Saturday morning, keep up with the world in front of us its just beginning.