Humbug Mountain.

That's the campground we camped in after crossing over into Oregon. It was a quaint little campground, perfect for Nina and I to rest our heads. We got there around 7:30, I made us hot tea and we ate chips, salsa and avocados for dinner. It was a nice to have a dry campground after sleeping in the wet woods outside of Eureka the night before. After stuffing our faces we crawled into the turtle shell and put on Cricket on the Hearth, a old fashioned Christmas movie, falling asleep was shortly after. Waking up in Oregon it was rainy and windy, we showered then hit the road up the coast. The Oregon coast is beautiful even in the terrible weather it provided us with. The towns are all mostly small and not really developed, not many chain restaurants or franchises just small family run businesses. It was a nice change of pace everything seemed to have slowed down. Cannon beach was our destination, we arrived just after dark and it had stopped raining so we went to the store grabbed 4 steaks and a bundle of asparagus. At the store I had been approached by a young kid with a large backpack he asked while walking a distance a way from me "hey man you smoke weed?" I said "me?" "yeah man" I replied "no dude I'm good but you have a good one haha" The grocery store there was strange we noticed 4 or 5 kids doing the same thing he was in and out of the store, needless to say we got out of there quick. Heading out to the state park named "Ecola" we see no signs that your allowed to tent camp, even though on the website it says you can. So we drive up this narrow foggy road that blends in with the ground around it, making it almost impossible to see, we arrive at the gate and it says "day use only". Turning around and driving back up this terrible road Nina finds a site 30 miles away from Portland so without much hesitation start driving there. To be continued.