We're off, driving to Champoeg pressing on through the winding roads through the mountains, fog providing us with little visibility and torrential downpour of rain. It's up and down and up and down for about an hour an a half. The speed limit is 60mph and I'm driving us about 45mph, with the locals being used to these poor driving conditions they fly in and around these roads with ease. I stopped to let a guy pass me and as I pull off the shoulder it becomes narrower and narrower, and jerks my truck to the right not too far from falling down this cliff, quickly I yanked the steering wheel to the right and popped my truck out on the road again. Heart our stomachs I drove us even slower till we reached the interstate where it had stopped raining for the time being, from there on to the campground it was easy. We arrived at Champoeg State Park hungrier than ever, it was a cool clean campground wide open in a field with a small wooded area, we quickly got dinner going and it started to rain again. Nina grilling up the best steaks and asparagus (in the rain) i've ever had, we downed 2 steaks each and a bundle of asparagus like we were Joey Chestnut at a Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. Soon enough Nina and I are in the turtle shell falling asleep to Frosty the Snowman. Next up Portland and Hood River.