Rain Rain Go Away.

It never ends, going to sleep with rain and waking up with rain for roughly the past 7 days. We stayed in Portland for the day/night, stepping out of the rain we checked into a hotel room. Mama Mias for dinner, after not eating much for 7 days we feasted on pasta, pizza, calamari and mozzarella from this killer little Italian restaurant. Of course we had to follow it up with desert so why not Voodoo Doughnuts. I had seen Voodoo Doughnuts on Man vs. Food so I really wanted to try them out and they are delicious, everything I ever expected. I ordered us 1 Portland cream, 1 Gay Bar, 1  Captain, My Captain and their signature Voodoo Doll doughnut, all were insane and I hope to go back soon. On the way out I made sure I picked up their sticker that reads "I got VD in Portland". It is one of my favorite cities so far, for how big of a city it is everyone and everything is so laid back, had the weather been nicer, we would have stuck around longer to see what else it has to offer. Before we left we took a stroll around some neighborhoods, the house were amazing and it seemed like most people lived an active lifestyle with snowboards, skis, bikes and some paddle boards crammed into garages and cars. VW buses and DIY campers everywhere it was heaven for me, people had compost piles out on the street and even had gardens out on the street it was so cool to see how people lived  out here. But I have a longtime friend in Hood River that I couldn't wait to visit with Next up Hood River and Crater Lake.

Thanks for a fun time Portland see you soon!