The Turtle Shell Ice Box

Leaving Hood River on a clear day was great since we had seen so much rain coming up the coast, cruising to MT Hood it flurried a bit and the ground was covered in snow once we arrived there. It was a beautiful sight. A beautiful mountain, and it was incredible to see the majority of it covered in snow. We checked it out for a bit then decided it would be nice to get to a campground before 10pm so we could relax and make dinner. The Cove Palisades State Park was in the GPS and we head south, plus the park wasn't far from Crater Lake, we at our campground just before dark, with the GPS taking us the back roads there we weren't sure where we would end up. But it a nice clean campground and the stars filled the sky for the first time in 8 days. Luckily a grocery store was only about 10 miles away in small that even a blockbuster. When was the last time anyone saw one of those? It brought back memories of spending hours in the movie rental chain contemplating what to watch that night or how many DVDs or VHS's to rent. We switched things up that night and bought chicken instead of steak, we also threw in snow peas and sweet potatoes. Everything tastes so much better when your camping, the meals Nina had cooked we're some of the best. We ate this meal quick because it was freezing out, afterwards I went up to the shower and cleaned off all the dishes and pans. Crawling into the frigid turtle shell, we zipped up our sleeping bags popped in a Christmas DVD and dozed off. We awoke in a frozen ice box, the back window had a thin sheet of ice on it and the carpet the lined the cap had a bit of frost on it. Hopping out of the back of the truck frost has coated everything it must have gotten down to 20 degrees that night maybe colder. Quickly showering and packing up we heading south to Crater Lake. Driving there the GPS took me off the main highway onto an unpaved road, it was great, trees and mountains all around us. Further and further up the rocky road it became more covered in snow with down trees along the path, luckily my truck is pretty small so it was easy to go around them. I wasn't sure if this was the right route but I loved the drive in the woods with no one and not a car in sight so we kept pressing on. It ended up being the right road, and once we arrived at the entrance to Crater Lake it took us another 20min to get there with the roads covered in snow and ice on some very steep roads, Nina says "do you have your 4wd in?" I said "nope" as my truck slides around the corner of a cliff. After that it was pretty obvious I needed it, we arrived at the lake and it was epic, snow everywhere, there must have been 3ft of snow on the ground it was windy and cold, the lake was a deep blue, I was in awe. It would be awesome to go back in the summer to hike and swim around the lake, A young lady in the lodge said the water doesn't really get over 60 degrees, which could be chilly in just trunks. We had to get out of there before dark before they were taking about more snowfall in the area, so we headed out to find a place to rest our heads. Ending up down about 30 miles outside of Sacramento, where we stopped at a In-an-out Burger again since the last time was a disaster. We looked for campground for hours and couldn't find a thing, so it was a rest stop along side the highway for the night, we actually slept there for 8hrs, way longer than I had thought we would, but its stressful not knowing where your going to sleep that night. So when we would find a place after searching for hours we would pass out immediately. Next up back down to San Diego to escape the grey weather, or so we thought.