San Diego Pt 2

Lobster fishing for the first time was quite the experience, we loaded up the boat and shot down to the boat ramp, Eddie took Byard, Howland and I out into the ocean where we watched the sunset in the kelp beds. Seals were swimming in and out of the thick kelp having the time of their lives. Heading back the prop jammed with to much kelp in it, that was a first for me. We continued on and Eddie found the spot to put out the traps. He put out 5 traps then handed me a Corona, we could see Mexico from the bay, and sipping on that canned corona made me feel like I was there. We took off and he let Howland drive boat up to the Coronado bridge to give some time for the lobster to come out. She whips the boat around the bridge and we head back to check the traps. First one nothing, then Eddie goes to put it in forward and it won't go only in reverse will the boat move, its just revs up as loud as it can but won't move forward, he tries it again, nothing. After messing with the motor a bit it finally shifts forward but now it won't go in reverse. Quickly we gather the traps and head back to the ramp not knowing if we'll loose it again. Being away from family is tough I missed thanksgiving with my family for the first time in my life, and Nina and I will miss Christmas with them as well. Thankfully I was able to hang with Eddies family for Thanksgiving. So to get in the Christmas spirit Nina bought a bunch of Christmas movies that we've been watching in the back of my truck before we fall asleep, I even bought some mistletoe and hung it in my truck. Before leaving Eddies I helped him set up the Christmas lights and watched some holiday movies. We watched Frozen with Lanae their youngest daughter who loves to sing along to the songs, it's pretty awesome. I had heard so much hype about the movie I had to watch it. Tacos, tacos, tacos I was in San diego for about 2 weeks and Nina almost a week, we have tasted so many insane tacos. Eddie knows all the spots, we had mahi, lobster, greek, steak, chicken, calamari, I probably forgot some, we had eaten so many good tacos. So we set sail from San Diego up the coast, next up driving up the coast and waking up to the ocean sounds, then a stressful 18hr drive in search of a camp ground.