Tell The Waitress It's Your Birthday, Receive a Free Dessert.

Eddie and Kate have made us feel at home with their family and we're forever grateful for them letting us stay in their home, and Howland for giving up her room for us. We all had so much fun, the first night Nina arrived, they took us to Old Town to walk around and have dinner. When they sat us Eddie told me he said to the waitress "it was my birthday they'll bring us a free desert but they won't sing". I didn't believe him until the end when the waitress brought out a big ice cream concoction and said who's the birthday boy and they pointed at me, normally i'd be pissed because I hate people singing happy birthday to me in restaurants. But this was hilarious because i've always wanted to do this to someone but Eddie got me first. So we feasted on this false birthday treat, even though my birthday was back in August. Back to my first day in San Diego, there was a little swell left over so Eddie took me to a break called sunset cliffs, he showed me how to get in the water and it involved jumping out and over this cliff into the water. Being exhausted from driving 17hrs the night before and a little intimidated I shot pictures for a bit, then everyone cleared the water, Eddie waved me in so I suited up and took that leap into the pacific for the first time since 2006. It was a blast, just Eddie and I trading off this fun left that kind of reminded me of Assateague being it was high tide and somewhat mushy. I asked him if I could go right since I'm regular foot and this was a left, he said you can just have to watch the cliffs. So I took off right and got a little too close to the cliffs, after that exchange I decided to stick to the left. It felt like heaven getting in the water after that drive across country. Next up lobster fishing and sipping coronas from a can and looking at Mexico from the bay.