In Search Of An In-N-Out Burger In San Franscisco.

On a Saturday night. That was the worst idea i've had in a while, it was 9:30 and Nina and I were starving from driving through Big Sur almost the whole day. I suggested an In-N-Out Burger since she hadn't tasted the delicious burgers yet. So we enter one into the GPS and it leads us right into the bustling harbor, people and cars rushing everywhere. Not used to driving in cities this was beyond frustrating. Finally we see In-N-Out, relieved for about a minute until we see there is absolutely no place to park and the place is packed full. So we press on looking for another In-N-Out, the GPS says it's on the other side of the Golden Gate. Cruising over the bridge determined to find a In-N-Out we drove 7 more miles inland and finally found one and ordered 2 double doubles and 2 fries. We then set out to find the campground Kirbys Cove, where the GPS led us up a bunch a back streets into a dead end where it voiced "you have arrived at your destination". More hangry than ever (hungry & angry) we searched campgrounds around San Francisco and a KOA popped up. Heading back over the Golden Gate it lead us up the steepest streets i've ever driven, I had to keep one foot on the brake and gas to make sure I wasn't going to roll down the street when stopped at the stop signs, furiously driving and our burgers and fries getting cold, the GPS says we're almost there. At the destination we arrive at there is no KOA to be seen, we were so mad it was funny. I pulled us off on a side street in a no park zone to eat our not so warm burgers and fries. Nina insists we try Robs Hill Campground which is on the city side, so we enter it in the GPS and head out towards the bridge again, the GPS says its the last exit on my left. With a car in my way and not seeing the sign I miss the exit and we end up going back over the bridge and making a u-turn to drive again back over to the city side. To shorten to the story we end up at the campground with a sign that greets us with words that say "125$ a night reservations only". More angry and stressed than ever I drive us over the Golden Gate for the last time for another 4 or 5 hours until we find a nice little site on the beach to rest our heads. All in all GPS's really knows how to make us boil.