Smooth Sailing For The Time Being.

The drive to Zion National Park was a breeze, no wind, no rain, no bad weather, we arrived in Zion about 7 or 8 hours after leaving Eddie's. On our way to the park, we drove by a Walmart with a camper set up in the parking lot so we figured that would be a safe to stay. We arrived at the park entrance around 8 pm. There were no rangers in the booth so we drove in to see what a night in Zion was like, and it was beautiful the stars were amplified x1000. We were so stoked. I shot a few pictures then we decided we'd go see the new Hunger Games at a movie theatre 30 minutes away. It was the cheapest nicest movie theatre I've been to, 31 dollars for 2 tickets a large popcorn and 2 drinks. After the movie, we drove to the Walmart and parked close to the camper we had seen earlier, hopped in the back and passed out. No Christmas movies that night since we planned on waking up at sunrise the next morning. We awoke to a beautiful sunrise. I loved Utah so far everything felt clean and fresh. At Eddie's, I had done some research on ghost towns in Utah and a few popped up near Zion so I figured I'd give it a shot in finding them. Well I found one, Grafton, Utah it was settled in 1859. The town was plagued with disease and several indian attacks and was abandoned around 1921. The road getting there was basically driving on rumble strips the whole time, it was rocky and rough. Interesting things are always found off the beaten path and this ghost town sure was one of them. We stumbled across the grave yard first, dwelling there was the shallowest of graves, worn wooden grave markers barely standing, it was surreal. It had a sign with the names of the people who had died and what the cause was. We were standing in what was once the "wild west" where indian attacks were very common and disease was so easily caught. Just down the road was the actual town, Grafton. It was a beautiful worn down western settlement, being there was somewhat eerie but I was so happy to be in a actual western ghost town. We walked around took a ton of pictures then headed to Zion. In the park we weaved our way around this beautiful land in awe. I couldn't keep my eye on the road constantly looking up and around these beautiful canyons, hoping to spot a mountain lion somewhere. The park was absolutely beautiful, we stopped and watched a bunch of bighorn sheep eat leaves from a bush then watched one run down this mountain that looked impossible to walk down. I can't even imagine the park in the summer when you can swim in the springs and hike the narrows without a dry suit. I hiked up to the beginning of the narrows, it's a hike in the river that runs up into Zion with all these huge canyons next to you, from the pictures it looks epic, beautiful, and dangerous. The only problem is I didn't have a dry suit so I could only look down the river and dream some more of doing that. We left the park and headed to Salt Lake City, where we met up with Nina's cousin, Anna and had some of the best tacos at this sick little restaurant she worked. Yes, some of the best tacos I've had were in Utah, weird I know. She let us crash at her place for the night. The next morning we woke up early and cruised out to Arches National Park, stay tuned.

Thanks Anna!