2 Days in Big Sur

Beef Jerky, pop tarts, a cliff bar, trail mix, a gallon of water bananas and apples. That was my food for the 2 nights and 3 days in Big Sur. It lasted me all the way through. This has to be one of the most beautiful drives in America right on the cliffs of California, it's amazing and hard to keep your eyes on the road. We made it down from Santa Cruz to a campground called Plaskett Creek. It's right up the street from Sand Dollar beach (I didn't find any). Avery and I scored some awesome waves there,  no shark sightings, crystal clear blue water, it was like surfing in listerine. Mountains and high cliffs in the background, it was so beautiful. There was a fire ban so nights were kind of dull but regardless I got to sleep outside in a hammock under the stars, it was the best. Again 2 nights of amazing sleep outside. This was the end of my week trip out there, I had a lot of fun and thanks to Avery for cruising around that week. But I still felt out of place for a reason I still can't find, I felt the need to be at home, so I flew home and continued working. Something is in the works though, I just bought a mini wood stove for the back of my truck, maybe north west bound?

Stay tuned