Gas Station Coffee

Writings from my journal, October 1, 2016

We woke up early and headed back down to the very same spot that a shark had chased Avery and I out of the water the day before.  But first some gas station coffee, it all taste the same. There's a bluegrass concert going on in the park up the street but I stayed back and continued to read "Into the Wild" and enjoy the ocean views. I couldn't put this book down, read it if you haven't. I ended up getting out of the van to go down to the beach as I opened the door I bumped it into this older man dirty old van, I peeked inside and apologized. He laughed and could careless.  We ended up talked for almost 2 hours, from Toyota vans, Volkswagens, mormons, Bob Dillon, and the civil war. We covered a wide variety of topics. His name is William and he's originally from the eastcoast but moved west in the 80s. It's cool to be in an unfamiliar area and spark up a conversation with a guy all through simply opening Avery's van door into his. When most people might be rude, he saw it as an opportunity to converse.