South Bound

We're heading south to Santa Cruz down pacific coast highway, and if you haven't driven it I highly suggest you do. It's a beautiful drive, mostly near the coast. We pull up to steamer lane almost dark and Avery paddles out, he's itching to get wet. This is a world class wave and I'm lucky enough to have caught a few waves here the next day. Av gets out and we head east into the redwoods to a really cool campsite, it was about 9pm when we got there, we had no firewood, little food and a few small flashlights. Let me tell you setting up a tent at night is very frustrating, plus i'd never used this new one of mine so I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually we go it up and soon I dozed off. I swear i've had the best sleeps in a tent, hammock or in the back of my truck, weird huh?