1000 Voices Pt. 2

      Flounder and I left Eddies house at 4am and make the 8hr drive up to Yosemite. Other than a little morning Traffic in LA it was pretty easy. I pulled into a grocery store outside of Yosemite where I went back and forth with myself about what my next move after Montana was going to be. Parts of me were excited and other parts very down for reasons I can't explain. Although I had Flounder I felt alone. The driving and weather was taking a toll on me. From age 19-22 I was dead set on doing things alone, and I did a lot of stuff by myself. But that got old quick as I learned having friends or a significant other to do cool stuff with was way more fun.

      Still I set out on this adventure, maybe it was my ego that pushed me. But I was humbled very quick during that 20hr drive when all my plans went out the door and that'll stick with me forever. My dad was going to fly into San Francisco and I was supposed to pick him up February 14th. Ultimately I decided I couldn't drive another 20hrs unless I was heading home. Flounder wasn't eating or drinking, and I was tired of keeping him pent up. I called my dad and told him how I felt and he said it best to me "you created a prison in your mind" which I 100% did. When you have no one to talk to your mind starts to wander into places it shouldn't, at least for me it does. But he's going to Puerto Rico with his girlfriend, so he didn't loose out on anything. Fortunately he's a very opened minded and understanding person. Anyway I pushed on to Yosemite, a place I had dreamed of seeing for years. It was amazing even covered in snow, and still pretty crowded. It was pretty funny seeing a bunch of little cars cruising around the park with chains. I pulled up to the Tunnel View where you can some of the most beautiful landmarks Yosemite has to offer. It's a wild feeling being somewhere you've seen in photos for years and then finally being there. I took some photos then stepped back to enjoy it. 

We headed down to the village where I went to visitor center, I asked about camping at upper pines and the ranger told me it had just filled up. I was in disbelief because it was a thursday and the park was covered in several feet of snow. He told me Hodgdon Meadow campground would be open so I settled for that. It was about a 45 minute drive north, I pulled in the campground and everything was covered in several feet of snow. There was no way we could stay here. I was pretty frustrated as once again my plan had failed. Staying still was not an option so we headed to Sacramento looking for campgrounds along the way. We found a campground, I fired up the stove, lost my wallet for about 45 minutes and tore apart my whole truck in the process looking for it. Turns out I left it up at the campground check in office, that was one hell of a scare.  Then I cooked up some chicken for Flounder and I, I think I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High again then dozed off into the night.