Happy To Be Here

It’s crazy today is my dog Flounders birthday, he’s 7 now. I always wanted to write about him because there’s a story behind him. It was 2015 and I just gotten back from a cross country trip with the girl I was dating at the time. We had talked briefly about getting a dog, but me being young and wanting to travel more I didn’t want a dog that would hold me back. I caved and Flounder entered our lives. He was given up at the young age of 3 because his owners new girlfriend didn’t want him anymore, previously his name was Luke and he belonged to the young man and another girl, once they had broken up he was supposed to give him back to the girl, he didn’t and instead got a new girlfriend and she didn’t like him, so they dropped him at Caroline county humane society, he was only there a week until we were approved to adopt him. He is a yellow lab and golden retriever mix, who wouldn’t want that dog?

He’s the best mix of dogs in my opinion. But after getting him I wasn’t skeptical at all about having a dog, I Instanstly fell in love him. He was my new adventure friend and would go everywhere with me. I remember one of the first nights we had him he was humping his blanket and his red rocket got stuck out, he was crying and couldn’t move. It was super funny but sad and messed up. So I embarrassingly called the vet and asked about it, she said that it was normal and to get some dish gloves and put coconut oil or olive on it and push it back up. Beyond embarrassed I did, and just like that he was fine and wiggling away. It’s happened many more times since then, he just doesn’t learn. That girl and I only dated for another month. I kept him and promised myself I would never abandon him. Since 2015 we’ve driven and camped across country in the middle of January, very cold and I wouldn’t recommend that month, been through love and heartbreak. At one point I didn’t want a dog at all, I wasn’t ready at all and now that’s It’s been 4 yeas and I look back on all these photos I can’t imagine him not being there, he was the best accident ever. I’ve seen him come out of his shell and be comfortable with me, he’s the kindest soul and I love him more than anything in the world. I don’t know what i’d do with out him. I never would have thought a dog I wasn’t ready for would impact me so much.